Cool & Cold Filtration Systems – Free Standing




Our filter systems are compact and very efficient.  Like the water cooler, our water filter range only take up one square foot of floor or bench top space making them very easy to fit into a kitchen or shared workspace.

Our filters work by passing your mains water supply through an additional filtration system to remove the chemicals and chlorine added during the mains water supply cleaning and filtering process.  We do this by passing the water through:

  • 5 micron filter
  • carbon filter


Installation is quick and easy. Our trained and qualified plumbers will have your water filter in place and ready for action with minimal disruption to your working day. Clear and clean drinking water is one of life’s essentials – we don’t believe you should have to wait to enjoy it.

Rental price is monthly and includes installation, filter cartridges & regular filter changes plus full warranty. Rental period is 36 months.

For more information call us on 9938 2495