Our spring water


Before your spring water even reaches our bottling facility in Perth, it has been naturally filtered through many layers of rock and sand as it moves gently underground. By the time we draw your spring water out of the protected aquifers, the process of filtration has already begun by mother nature.

Your natural spring water could have travelled many thousands of kilometres through nature’s own filtration system. A process that can take up to 100 years. It is nature at its natural best. The result is clean rainwater which has been value-added through the intake of minerals from underground rock formations.

Aussie Natural promotes “Excellent Spring Water Source Management” which basically requires not taking out water from the underground aquifer any faster than it is going in!

Our Water Sources

What started life as rainwater, filters through underground rock formations gathering minerals and elements to become what we believe is the best tasting natural spring water WA has to offer.

Drawn from natural springs in the Darling Ranges, your spring water is then transported to our state-of-the-art bottling site in Perth.

Here it is passed through the most advanced spring water micro-filtration system before it is bottled and sealed ready for distribution to offices, workplaces and homes across Perth and Western Australia.

Our Process

The spring water is then transported to Wangara in stainless steel tankers and stored in stainless steel, indoor reservoirs. Following the manufacturing practices and testing procedures required by the HACCP, the spring water is treated using a hi-tech electrolytic process, then passed through a highly advanced 3 stage mirco filtration stage (to 0.2 mircon absolute) and then through our ultraviolet sterilizing program prior to bottling to ensure the total absence of any harmful mirco-organisms, bacteria and any other contaminants.

At all times, Aussie Natural conforms to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), which regulates bottled water as a “food product”.

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