Water Filter Range

Water filter systems make a great alternative to the water cooler in places where it’s just not viable to have a water cooler. They also make a great replacement for other systems that rely upon you to refill them each and every time.

Our filter systems are compact and very efficient. Like the water cooler, our water filter range only take up one square foot of floor or bench top space making them very easy to fit into a kitchen or shared workspace. However, unlike water coolers that rely upon bottled water, they are plumbed directly into the mains water supply.

This means that you do not need to refill your but can instead enjoy filtered water directly from your mains water supply all day, every day.

Our water filter systems come in two types:

Room and Cold water temperature.
Cold and Hot water temperature.

The water filter systems are available in free standing floor or benchtop models. Once again the choice is yours.

Whilst filters are capable of removing tastes and odours, it is imperative to note that the filters require regular 3 – 6 monthly replacements to maintain their effectiveness and efficiency. Again this is a service Aussie Natural Spring Water Geraldton provide to all our filter customers!