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Where do you get your water from?

True spring water has to be collected from underground streams/springs and is protected at the source. Our water is drawn from Serpentine, Bedfordale and Jarrahdale at the base of the Darling Ranges in Perth.

What is the difference between your water and “purified water”?

In most cases purified water is simply processed tap water using reverse osmosis. Purified water generally is sterile tasting and has no minerals or ions in it. Spring water is chemical and kilojoule free, naturally pure and contains minerals so people actually feel they are getting something for their money and spring water has a fresher, cleaner taste.

Do you use Ozone Gas in the treatment of Aussie Natural Spring Water?

No, some companies “nuke” their water with a Ozone gas to kill off any bacteria in the spring water, this alters the taste of the natural water. We use what is known as silver in solution or “Colloidal silver”. We run the water through banks of high grade silver and the atoms from the silver act as a high grade disinfectant and also gives the water a longer shelf life.

I have my own cooler, can I just purchase your spring water?

Absolutely, the minimum delivery is 2 bottles.

How often do you deliver?

Delivery is easy, basically we deliver every fortnight. We will deliver as many bottles as you request. Scott is available to deliver 7 days if you run short.

Do I need to be home?

No, we deliver Monday – Friday (excluding Public Holidays). Just leave your empty bottles out and we will swap over during the day. For businesses, we deliver during standard business hours.

Do you charge a fuel levy?

No, we deliver to your doorstep Free of Charge anywhere in Geraldton.

What if I need more water? Or I am going away?

Simply call us BEFORE your delivery day and we can organise for delivery of extra bottles or temporarily suspend your delivery whilst you are away.

If I run out can you do an extra delivery?

Absolutely! We are a local company, and our delivery schedule is very flexible. As the owner of the business you deal with Scott directly, if you need water that day you will get it at no extra cost.

Can I rent a cooler for a function or event?

Yes, we supply coolers for all types of functions. People are able to help themselves to water without having to purchase lots of smaller PET bottles.

How do we pay our account?

Paying your account is easy & simple – EFT, cash and credit card payment options are available.