Aqualyte Electrolyte Solution

Aqualyte is a product that it has been created specifically for Australian heat conditions by WA thermal physiologist Dr G. Bates and trialed on Australian workers enduring heat stress.

Features & Benefits:

> It is a HYPOTONIC so that it is rapidly absorbed into the body preventing dehydration
> Maintains correct electrolyte balance
> Contains appropriate levels of glucose to prevent fatigue
> Fewer calories than many other fluid replacement drinks
> Less acidic than many other fluid replacement drinks enabling it to be consumed in greater quantities
> Non caffeinated so aids concentration in work and sport, so much more suitable than the popular energy drinks which some people tend to drink to keep them alert.

It has been noted with some large mining companies, that when Aqualyte was introduced some years ago they experienced a decrease in Lost Time Injuries as a direct result of implementing Aqualyte into their hydration & heat stress management program.